Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random City Buildings...

A few years ago I produced a 1-100 random city building chart to be used with the AFMBE (All Flesh Must Be Eaten) zombie apocalypse role playing game. I just found it in an old folder and decided to pdf' it. Fall always reminds me of zombies, not sure why. Could be that I saw Dawn of the Dead (the original) at the midnight movies back in '84 at about this time of year. So when the weather starts cooling off and the wind is blowing, I am reminded of the walking dead. (Speaking of which AMC will be airing "The Walking Dead' tv series which premieres on Halloween).

Anyway, enough rambling, I give you the Random City Buildings table here.


  1. Nice! This might come in handy down the road...

  2. I'm tardy to the party.......but thanks for putting this up.
    I'm so brain-fried from my pharmacy classes little things like random descriptions are locking my brain up. This will help tremendously.