Friday, September 10, 2010

A new home, and a new project.

I removed my sword+1 blog a month ago in frustration, and then restored it later out of remorse. Since then I have not been happy with it and don't want to waste time going back over the thing to try and bring it back to life. So I have moved to a new blog "home".

I am currently working on a Critical hit system for Swords & Wizardry, much like early Arms Law from I.C.E. could be used for D&D. Of course nothing from Rolemaster is OGL, so I have had to work up my own charts and tables, which is part of the fun.

I have provided a test download of the "Swords & Axes" table as well as the "Hacking" critical hit table for anyone who wishes to take a look at what I have done so far. Here are the weapon tables I will eventually provide in a finished product:

  • Swords & Axes Attack Table
  • Bows, Slings, & Thrown Weapon Attack Table
  • Maces & Clubs Attack Table
  • Two-Hand Swords, Battle Axes, & Pole Arm Attack Tables
  • Tooth & Claw Attack Table
  • Grappling & Bull-Rush Attack Table
I will provide critical tables for:

  • Hacking Critical Table (for slashing/cutting weapons)
  • Bashing Critical Table (for crushing weapons)
  • Piercing Critical Table (for puncture weapons)
  • Grappling Critical Table (for well, uh grappling of course)
  • Bull-Rush Critical Table (for unbalancing attacks)
  • Weapon Fumble Table (for fumbles, I will have to think of a better name for this one)
To use these tables with S&W, I have been thinking of ways to beef up S&W characters. For starters, I think all classes will need to double (or possibly triple) their hit points each level. These charts are pretty gruesome, and can dish out a lot of hit point damage in addition to critical tables.

Also, as the attacks are d100% based, each class will need a boost to their attacks. I am currently thinking of using the following system. Fighting Men get a x5 multiplier to their level plus their STR score for their total offensive factor (OF). So a 3rd level fighter with a 13 STR would attack at 28% + his d100 attack roll (minus the foe's defensive factor"DF").

Clerics would have a x3 multiplier, and Magic-Users a x1 multiplier. I don't think I will be keeping the weapon restrictions for the classes - I am not sure about armor, I might allow Leather for Magic-Users in this system.

The current armor available is the same as S&W (Plate, Chain, Ring, and Leather). Shields provide a +10 to DF. The critical severity types are I, II, III, IV, and V. The larger the number the better the hit (and the critical table rolls are adjusted by the type). Attacks and critical rolls are all based on 1d100 (not open ended as in Rolemaster).

You can download the test document here.

I will be posting more about this in the near future. So stay tuned...

Mike D.


  1. Added.

    Looking forward to the completed crit system - RM was always my favorite.

    You must add a magic missile crit table :)

  2. You could start with Constitution=Hit Points at 0 level. Then add HP as normal for first level and onward.

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  4. I like CON=HP, plus Hit dice. Good idea.