Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to the sword!

OK, I finally took the time to figure out my web site and blogger problems and once again I am back to my sword+1 blog. I will leave this one active but no longer plan to post here. All of my original material was on the old blog and it feels more like home to me.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New campaign ideas churning,..

Here is a village for some work I am doing on a late bronze age - early iron age campaign world. Taking notes from Jeff Rients, I think I will include some real world cultures (like Thrace, Illyria, Hyksos, even some Roman/Etruscan stuff).


Population: 400

Ariet is a small village of fishermen located in the marshy bottom lands along the Sea of Reeds. Populated by the Elomite peoples, the village is famous for its local tavern and "sweet marsh beer". The village is composed of mostly mud-brick cottages surrounded by a wooden palisade. The local ruler is Zoxsu a Hyksos warrior of some renown. He took the village under his protection while scouring the ruins of an ancient city in the nearby wetlands. Zoxsu resides in a stone tower built with funds from his adventuring days, and he employs a bodyguard of 10 Elomite warriors. The village is able to muster a militia of 42 men in times of crisis who fight with short spears and clubs.

The villagers have a shrine to their goddess B’hrut (Ba-root) on the shores of the Sea of Reeds. B’hrut is the goddess of the bountiful catch. She appears with the body of a woman with the head of a giant fish. An elderly woman named Ulma the Tender is the caretaker and priestess. She is close to 70 years old and near, she is helped by a young (11 years old) male apprentice named Daso.

Zoxsu with leather armor and armed with a composite bow and short sword. (F7, AC 7/12, HP 24, D 1d6) He has a small coffer in his tower with 1,200 sp and a gold torque worth 500gp.

10 Elomite Warriors with shields and spears. (F1, AC 8/11, D 1d6)

42 Elomite Militia-men armed with spears and clubs. (F0, AC 9/10, D 1d6)

Ulma the Tender (F0, AC 9/10, HP 2, D 1d3). Ulma has some healing abilities thanks to her knowledge of local herbs. She can concoct a paste that will heal 1d4 hit points (can be used once per wound).

Friday, December 10, 2010

Rethinking Attribute names (late to the party).

It has been a while since my last post.

After reading this post on Jeff's blog yesterday, I thought I would apply that to a project I have been toying around with for a while now. Re-writing the rules of Empire of the Petal Throne OD&D for my own little iron-age type game. I like the idea of using alternate attribute names to give a different feel to the game (without changing the benefits of the stats). I know Zendog is doing something similar with his Redwall game (if you haven't seen this yet, check out his work on the Swords & Wizardry forums - some excellent stuff going on there).

I like the following (which were taken from here):
Stature (str)
Lore (int)
Piety (wis)
Spirit (con)
Luck (dex)
Glamour (cha)

So with the above in mind I set out to alter the Intelligence tables for EPT as follows:

Score Descritpion Benefits
01 - 20 Ignorant -1 on BOTH Hit and Damage dice.
21 - 40 Unread -1 on Damage dice.
41 - 60 Average No bonuses or penalties.
61 - 80 Scholar +1 to Damage dice.
81 - 95 Sage +1 to BOTH Hit Dice & Damage dice. 40% Chane for Secret doors.
96 - 00 Wizend +2 to BOTH Hit Dice & Damage dice. 60% chance forSecret Doors, 40% chance to Detect Traps.

I feel that this allows one to separate a players intelligence from the character's better. You can still be a strong, smart warrior but unlearned in books and archaic lore.

Saturday, September 18, 2010